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The Local Government Commission’s decision to allow the West Coast to retain its four councils but work under one district plan makes sense and will save ratepayers money, National’s Local Government spokesperson Jacqui Dean says.

“This has been an exhaustive process and one that provides much-needed certainty for the region. I congratulate the Buller, Grey and Westland district councils, and the West Coast Regional Council for their efforts over the past three years in getting to this point.

“A combined district plan will bring about a region-wide approach to planning for the future. Savings can be made by sharing resources which will be good news for ratepayers.

“Having a single set of planning and development rules just makes sense. It will lead to greater efficiencies for those going through the planning process and for the respective councils. 

“Democratic, local decision making is incredibly important. This proposal allows for variations so local responsibility can be retained and the needs of individual communities met.”

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