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A wellbeing Budget will be of little consolation to the people of Central Otago, who a year ago lost Government support for their Roxburgh Children’s Village and saw it permanently closed, Waitaki MP Jacqui Dean says.

“The Government might be talking about better support for young people and increasing access to mental health services, but it will have a hollow ring to it for this community.

“Last year local people fought bravely to have these very issues addressed for young people around the lower South Island, by retaining the essential services provided by the Stand Roxburgh children’s village – but those calls fell on deaf ears.

“The Roxburgh children’s village provided an essential trauma-focused treatment service for young people – it worked well and the families and young people who accessed the service stood up and reaffirmed that.

"But the Government refused to provide the support needed to keep this service operating.

“Now – one year later – it seems somewhat ironic the Prime Minister and her Government say they want to invest in the future wellbeing of young people in this country, when they were happy to let this important service in Central Otago close.”

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