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Some 2000 people have already submitted on National’s ‘Have your say’ campaign for small businesses, showing the real concern of small business owners and their willingness to be heard, National’s Small Business spokesperson Jacqui Dean says.

“The fact that 2000 people have submitted as part of National’s policy development process after just five days shows small businesses have good ideas but feel like they’re being ignored by this Government.

“This is a great start. National urges all owners of small businesses to take part in our survey, get their concerns registered and help shape our policies. It takes just a few minutes.

“This Government is not only making it harder for them to do business, piling on costs and beefing up the power of its union members, but it’s refusing to listen to their real concerns. That’s not good enough.

“National is listening because we respect small business owners and we recognise their contribution to our economy and their communities.

“Their ideas will all be considered as part of our policy development process for the 2020 election so we have the plans and policies to help their businesses and our economy grow.

“We won’t make the same mistake this Government did by being too lazy and incompetent to do the work in Opposition which is why we’ve ended up with more than 160 working groups and reviews now they are in Government.”

To go to the survey, click on:

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