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National MP for Waitaki Jacqui Dean has welcomed news that Central Otago After Hours GP Service has reinstated its urgent overnight service, but says that it’s no less than what the people of the area deserve.

“This will be a huge relief to patients in the Central Otago area who can now rest easy that there is an urgent healthcare service, in their local area, available to them if they need it.

“But let’s not forget, this overnight service is not a luxury, but something that most people expect to be able to access as of right.

“In that case, I believe it’s only right and proper that the Southern DHB has found a way forward, working with local GPs, to ensure Central Otago people get the afterhours health services they need and deserve.

“I have approached Health Minister David Clark about this issue, and the general lack of health funding support for Central Otago.

“I would like to think that the return of an afterhours service in Central Otago is just the beginning, but fear it may take an even bigger fight to get the increased health funding that this area needs.”   

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