Residency closer for some Central Otago migrants

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Waitaki MP Jacqui Dean said migrant families living, working and contributing to the Central Otago community now had the chance to gain residency thanks to a new Government policy.

“Migrant workers with low skills can now take advantage of a new pathway to residence policy, effective from August, which will allow them to gain residence in two years.

“This provides a great opportunity for hard-working migrants, many who hold positions in the hospitality and orchard industry in this region, to have more certainty about their future.

"This one-off policy will allow those who are well settled in the community, and who help fill genuine labour shortages in the workforce, to remain in our community.

“This policy will provide security for many migrant families, but it will also benefit employers and the region by ensuring these families are committed to staying here.

"The pathway to residence will also require successful migrants to remain in the same region for a further two years after being granted residence.

“This will ensure their commitment to the region continues, and that local employers will be able to retain their experienced workers.

"The Government is confident this policy will help improve the long-term labour market contribution of these migrants and I think it will have positive benefits in Central Otago."