Central Otago makes right decision over Easter Sunday Trading

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Small Business Minister and Waitaki MP Jacqui Dean says the Central Otago community has made the right decision to allow retailers to open on Easter Sunday.

“If Central Otago wants to continue to grow as a tourist area, and enjoy the economic benefits that development brings, then the community must be ready to show some flexibility when it comes to meeting the needs of the visiting public.

“Central Otago is surging ahead as tourism and business development attract more and more visitors to the region, providing economic growth, more jobs, improved property prices and a buoyant market for business.

“Part of nurturing that growth is allowing retailers to open their doors to meet the needs and expectations of visitors to the area during the Easter holiday period.

“The positive thing about the Shop Trading Hours Amendment Act 2016 is that it gives local communities the choice about Easter Sunday trading, and it also gives employees the right not to work on that day.

“Most communities agree that this gives workers the choice that they need, allowing those who want to celebrate Easter Sunday in their own way the right to do so, while still allowing shops to open.”