Wildlife (Powers) Amendment Bill will protect Waitaki's unique species

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Waitaki MP Jacqui Dean says she is pleased to see a bill, which builds on legislation which she introduced to parliament in 2013 to increase protection of our native flora and fauna, has passed its second reading.

"Introduced by Conservation Minister Maggie Barry, the Wildlife (Powers) Amendment Bill passed its second reading in Parliament this week and builds on the Conservation (Natural Heritage Protection) legislation which I introduced to Parliament in 2013.

"That legislation increased and standardised penalties for offences against wildlife, while this latest bill goes further and strengthens Department of Conservation rangers’ ability to protect native wildlife from poaching and smuggling.

"I am aware of how highly valued some of our endemic rare and endangered species, found around this electorate, are on the international collectors market.

“In the Otago region our geckos, for instance, can fetch amazingly high prices, with this bill extending new powers to DOC’s full-time rangers to ensure they have the additional tools needed to protect our unique species 

“I feel very strongly about this issue and am confident that The Wildlife (Powers) Amendment Bill will further protect the native biodiversity of the Waitaki electorate and the country as a whole.”