Supports Upper Clutha moves to manage freedom camping

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Waitaki MP Jacqui Dean said she supported the Upper Clutha community as it moved to manage freedom campers this summer.

“I congratulate Wanaka groups for being proactive in determining a way of dealing with irresponsible campers prior to the onset of summer.

“Tourism numbers are likely to increase even more this summer and I think Upper Clutha people are sensible to make plans now.

“Other areas, like Fiordland, have used the Freedom Camping Act issuing $200 infringement fines to those who ignore good camping practices, or camp in the wrong place, and I think enforcement is a useful tool.

“Education is another good option. Visitors must be made well aware of thebehaviour that the Upper Clutha community expects and the consequences of ignoring that, with rental companies also able to get those messages across.

“Meanwhile the Government’s new $12 million Regional Mid-sized Tourism Facilities Fund, announced in Budget 2016, could also be of benefit to the Upper Clutha.

“This funding aims to assist communities in developing facilities such as public toilets to cope with increasing visitor numbers.

“Tourism is thriving and the benefits are flowing back into local communities. 

"However, I acknowledge that this growth is also putting pressure on some communities and that’s why this funding is a positive step forward.”


Authorised by Jacqui Dean MP, 127 Thames Street, Oamaru