Funding for Central Otago youth to reduce cyberbullying

Monday, February 29, 2016

Waitaki MP Jacqui Dean said the work a group of Central Otago young people was doing around cyberbullying could help reduce the issue nationwide.

“The Government had just allocated The Sticks'n'Stones group $17,500 in funding to help them develop a digital app-based game raising awareness about bullying.

“Coordinated by the Central Otago Rural Education Activities programme, the group aims to take positive online action to reduce cyberbullying.

“I’m so pleased that the young people involved in this Central Otago programme have been acknowledged in this way, with the funding allowing them to continue their great work and possibly help other young people around the country.

“What’s particularly exciting is that this group, made up of high school and some tertiary students from across the region, has taken an issue that they are concerned about and used their skills and sense of community responsibility to do something about it.

“What we now have is the opportunity for them to develop their app further, at the same time helping to reduce the cyberbullying issue on a national basis.

“I am pleased for the young people that they have received this funding and I’m happy that the Government has been able to support them in this way.”


Authorised by Jacqui Dean MP, 127 Thames Street, Oamaru