Aussie cycling promotion to benefit Central Otago

Monday, February 15, 2016

Waitaki MP Jacqui Dean said she applauded moves by Tourism New Zealand to promote cycling in the Australian market.

“The new marketing initiative, to promote tourism and The New Zealand Cycle Trail, plays right into Central Otago’s hands and will be money well spent for this region.

“The new social and digital campaign, using images of international model and actress Megan Gale, will deliver the message that The Great Rides of New Zealand are suitable for all ages, cycling tastes and levels.

“Gale actually rode the Central Otago Rail Trail in 2015, so will be a perfect ambassador for that ride, along with encouraging visitors to try the other great rides in our region.

“The campaign will also making the connection between cycling and other activities and is encouraging Australian travellers to do it all.

“Visitors will be told that they can experience New Zealand’s spectacular cycle trails as well as the very best of New Zealand’s food, wine, culture, history and stunning scenery all within such close reach of one another.

“We are seeing many Australians travel to New Zealand to enjoy our diverse cycle trails and   thanks to this campaign, and the Government’s investment in it, we will see that number continue to grow.”



Authorised by Jacqui Dean MP, 127 Thames Street, Oamaru