Progress continues on a number of fronts

Monday, October 19, 2015

Newly released figures from the New Zealand Crime and Safety Survey reveals people feel safer in their communities as personal and household crime has reduced. The number of crimes being committed is down 30 per cent over the past five years. 

These figures are supported with the majority of New Zealanders, (76 per cent), claiming they did not experience any crime over this period. Back in 2008 this figure stood at 63 per cent. 

People also feel safer with 69 per cent reporting they did not think there was a crime problem in their neighbourhood while 72 per cent said they felt safe walking alone in their neighbourhood after dark.

As Government we're committed to making our communities safer by targeting crime prevention and reduction and the above results are proof the approach is working. We also realise there are other factors at play including less unemployment, better education, continuing improvements in our social environments and so on.  

Last week Minister for Regulatory Reform, Steven Joyce, released a draft Statutes Repeal Bill that should lead to the removal of superfluous legislation.

Examples of redundant laws due for the chop include 1931 Hawke’s Bay earthquake legislation, an Act covering mortgages in the great Depression, the Y2K bug, through to the 2011 Rugby World Cup empowering legislation.

Of course Parliament will seek feedback through an exposure draft from parties who think they could be affected by the repeal of any of the proposed legislation that could be included in the Bill. 

Called the Statutes Repeal Bill, the proposal seeks to repeal or partially repeal 120 Acts, reduce the total number of public Acts in force by 113 and the number of private Acts by eight. If you have something to say to this bill, then please come forward and do so.

Now something for those around 65 and over. Are you aware a new website for Senior Citizens has been launched and has been running for the past month? This one-stop site holds  a wealth of online information including superannuation entitlements, finances, health advisories and Super Gold discounts.

These days over 61 per cent of Kiwis over 65 uses the Internet. More and more computer-savvy older people are able to get online so this one-stop website, which can be accessed at is timely.

Other matters to have come under the spot light have included the reintroduction of 10 year passports (in time for this year's Christmas Holidays), a decrease in those seeking benefits and the growth in regional opportunities.