Asian language funding goes to Central Otago schools

Waitaki news
Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Waitaki MP Jacqui Dean said new funding for Asian language learning in Central Otago schools would have huge benefits for students and the region.

“I’m delighted that three Central Otago secondary schools will be part of a group of schools around the South Island who will be promoting this new language learning initiative. 

 “Tourism is hugely important to the region and as the number of Asian visitors continues to grow having young people with Asian language skills will be hugely beneficial.

“Roxburgh Area School, Dunstan High School and Cromwell College will join 20 other secondary schools across the South Island, to access $345,043 in funding, for more classes in Mandarin, Korean and Japanese.

“Coordinated through online learning enterprise NetNZ, the new money comes from the Government’s Asian Language Learning in Schools fund and the programmes will begin in schools next year.

“Tourism continues to grow in significance for the Central Otago region, and as increasing numbers of Chinese, South Korean and Japanese visitors come to the area it will be hugely beneficial if we can have young people with an understanding of these languages and cultures.

“Funding has been approved for 22 groups of 129 schools across the country in the first round of a $10 million contestable fund over three years.

“Applications for the second funding round are now open and schools have until 25 September to register their interest.”