Wanaka employers to benefit from new labour market process

Waitaki news
Monday, June 29, 2015

As visitor numbers continue to increase a new streamlined labour market test process will benefit Wanaka tourism employers, according  to Waitaki MP Jacqui Dean.

“All Wanaka employers, but especially those in the tourism sector who are in desperate need of staff, will benefit from this new initiative.

“The new process will provide more certainty for employers and migrants as they will know sooner if a work visa application is likely to succeed.

“This is about the government recognising that for employers in Wanaka and Queenstown certain roles, especially around tourism, are hard to fill and employers want to bring in migrant workers. This system will provide them with a quicker and more effective solution.

“The changes, which come into effect this week in the Queenstown Lakes District, will enable employers with a low-skilled vacancy to receive formal advice from Work and Income prior to lodging a migrant worker visa application, rather than Immigration New Zealand contacting Work and Income after the application has been lodged.

“The new process in Wanaka will replace the temporary labour market test exemption which was in place during the exceptionally busy summer season, and is set to end on June 30.”

Mrs Dean said she was pleased that officials would also continue to monitor how immigration policies were working for Wanaka employers, in the context of wider work under way in the tourism sector to address labour and skills needs in the long term.