NZTA should revisit Alexandra zebra crossing decision

Waitaki news
Monday, June 29, 2015

Waitaki MP Jacqui Dean said she would like to see the New Zealand Transport Agency revisit its decision not to install a zebra crossing to assist Alexandra children getting to school.

“Parents from the town have asked for a marked pedestrian crossing to be installed on State Highway 8 near Molyneux Park and Gregg St, to allow their children to cross the busy road safely.

“The transport agency has suggested an island crossing, which could be installed by January 2016, as an alternative.

“However, while it’s positive that a solution is in the pipeline, I can see why families would prefer a more substantial option.

“I would like to see the transport agency revisiting its decision. It seems to me there is time available to conduct further research and determine one way or another whether other safety options for this piece of highway might be preferable.

“Parents know their children and they know when they are safe on the road. If greater safety measures are needed on this section of highway, then let’s investigate the options.”