Balance needed around Rural Health and Safety Reforms

Waitaki news
Thursday, June 25, 2015

Waitaki MP Jacqui Dean said she it was crucial to get the balance right with proposed health and safety reforms.

“The Health and Safety Reform Bill is currently before parliament and while I welcome any moves to improve safety for farmers and small business owners, I also don’t want it to prove too onerous.

“I want to see health and safety requirements lifted in the workplace, so safety is improved, but I also want to make sure the reforms are workable and don’t put too much stress on small business owners and farmers at this time.

“Particularly in the current financial environment on the farm, it’s about getting the balance right between safety and workability.

“Every year there are about 100 work-related fatal injuries in New Zealand — with the agriculture, forestry and fishing sectors having the highest number of deaths.

“These figures need to be improved and I support work towards that, but I also hear farmers and small business owners concerns about the increased stress levels and the time and costs involved in implementing large scale change.”