Breakthrough for Dunstan lake weed issue

Waitaki news
Monday, June 15, 2015

Waitaki MP Jacqui Dean said she believed the formation of a formal stakeholder management group to address lake weed issues in Lake Dunstan was a breakthrough.

“The move to rid Lake Dunstan of Lagarosiphon is being spear-headed by Land Information New Zealand in conjunction with local support.

“Both the Central Otago District Council and the Otago Regional Council have recently been consulted  over the plan, to establish a formal stakeholder management group that will work towards achieving goals and objectives contained in a soon-to-be developed long-term management plan.

“This is the kind of breakthrough that the community has been waiting for. LINZ is taking this issue seriously and has made a commitment to help rid the lake of this horrible weed.

“I have been working closely with community representatives from the Cromwell area, who have experience and ideas on how to eradicate Lagarosiphon, and they have been invited by LINZ to be involved in further discussions.

“I am worked hard to bring this issue to the fore. I fully support a collaborative effort for Lake Dunstan, similar to the multiagency approach to Lagarosiphon control at Wanaka.

“We need to act to address the lake weed problem. This latest initiative is a break through and a positive step forward in protecting Lake Dunstan and allowing the community and visitors alike to continue to enjoy the waterway.”