Faster breath testing on its way

Waitaki news
Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Waitaki MP Jacqui Dean said faster breath-testing devices would be beneficial to rural police and keep people safer on the roads around Central Otago.

“Bring trialled in the Southern District this month, the new handheld devices will make the evidential breath-testing process much faster and more efficient, particularly in rural areas.

“Police tell me the new devices look and operate much like those currently used, but have software enabling them to return an evidential breath test result in a matter of seconds.

“This will efficiently allow breath-testing to be carried out at the roadside, so officers don’t have to take suspected drink-drivers to a booze bus or police station for an evidential breath test.

“This will save huge amounts of time for police in rural areas and will mean they can conduct breath testing in a more efficient way, making our roads safer for local communities.”