Dunstan hospital funding a SDHB issue

Waitaki news
Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Waitaki MP Jacqui Dean said matters relating to the funding of Dunstan Hospital were a Southern District Health Board issue and not a Dunstan Hospital problem.

“Dunstan Hospital and its doctors and nursing staff have done nothing wrong here. The service that they provide to the Central Otago community is excellent.

“In fact the hospital is currently facing unprecedented demand for its services, with ward occupancy and inpatient admissions on the rise.

“The overall funding of these services is something that the Southern District Health Board must take responsibility for. It is up to them to ensure that services are delivered efficiently and effectively, based on community needs.

“I discussed this with Health Minister Jonathan Coleman and he gave me a good hearing.

“This is about looking at the big picture – and ensuring the on-going health needs of our region are met. It’s not about knee-jerk decisions and it’s not about making cuts without community consultation.

“I understand that the community is deeply concerned about the future of Dunstan Hospital and I share those concerns but at this stage it’s important to remember that discussions are still underway and that a final outcome has yet to be determined.”