Costs and delays top list of frustrations for property owners and tradies

Waitaki news
Monday, May 11, 2015

The Governments Rules Reduction Taskforce has found high costs and delays in obtaining required approvals to proceed with building work, over-prescriptive legislation and unintended consequences are among the frustrations faced by homeowners, businesses and tradespeople.
“Other building related themes coming through in written submissions and the face-to-face meetings we’ve held around the country include conflicting information, a lack of trust, inconsistent decisions and variable customer service between councils," said Taskforce chair, Jacqui Dean.  

The Waitaki MP said the Taskforce, which was set up in February by Local Government Minister Paula Bennett to consult with the public on their frustrations relating to loopy rules and regulations and advise the Government on ways to cut unnecessary red tape.

Dean said although the enquiry still has some three weeks to run before submissions close on June 1, it was getting to the core of building legislative frustrations.

“Since the call for submissions in March we have received close to 500 written submissions from homeowners, businesses and tradespeople as well as many oral submissions.”

“We have held over 30 meetings around the country to hear first hand from people wanting improvements to property rules. It was certainly useful for Taskforce members to hear directly from the wide range of people who came to the meetings hosted by MPs."

Another 14 sessions are planned for the rest of May before submissions close on 1 June.

The MP further urged the public to get their submissions in before the closing date after which the Taskforce would explore the frustrations felt by submitters, including underlying causes and options for fixing these.

Dean said the Taskforce will also consider recommending changing or removing obsolete or nonsensical rules in the hope that this will have ongoing benefits for property owners, tradespeople and councils.

"It is expected the final report will be submitted to the Minister on August 31 and will include a number of recommendations on those specific issues adversely affecting property owners,the building sector and council service providers."