Dean – Pleased car registration levies to diminish

Waitaki news
Sunday, May 3, 2015

Waitaki MP Jacqui Dean said she was pleased many car owners would save some money on car registrations from July.

“Much lower and fairer ACC levies will be introduced from July 1, based around the safety rating of vehicles and it will mean that in many cases the annual licence levy will come down.

“Car owners can also save money now, by only registering their vehicles at the current rate up to the end of June, and then paying the lesser amount from July 1.

“Under the new ACC risk rating system, cars will be grouped into four levy bands, and levies will then be calculated on how safe a car is in a crash.

“As an example, owners of petrol cars currently pay an ACC levy of around $198, this will fall dramatically to $68 for the safest cars and will drop to $158 for less safe vehicles.

“Apart from saving drivers money, I think the new rating system will also encourage people to consider the safety of their vehicles and this must be beneficial to all road users.”

Mrs Dean also pointed out that it was not just owners of new cars who would benefit from risk rating.

“There are many car models more than 10 years old in the safest levy band.  And all car owners will pay reduced levies from 1 July.”