Easter trading law reforms long overdue

Waitaki news
Thursday, April 2, 2015

With Easter fast approaching, Waitaki MP Jacqui Dean said the country was long overdue for a reform of the Shop Trading Hours Act

Championing the cause since 2008, Mrs Dean said Easter Trading had become a regional development issue, with businesses from Kaitaia and Kerikeri, to Blenhiem, Wanaka and Cromwell, affected by it.

“Freeing up our Easter trading laws is all about maximising economic growth in the regions and supporting the tourism and business sectors of these towns up and down the country.

“Retailers need to be able to cater to the needs of tourists and visitors and they need to be able to take advantage of the extra dollars when the opportunities come along, with good laws to support them.

“I would really love to get this issue resolved for the sake of these communities and as a way of enhancing regional economic development and tourism potential at Easter.”

Mrs Dean said she was continuing to lobby ministers on the issue and was hopeful of seeing some progress later this year.

“In contemplating bringing a third bill into the house, it would be good to think that all those members who are calling for support for the regions would also back my Easter trading bill.”

Under the Shop Trading Hours Repeal Act 1990 shops must close on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

“I still have the option of introducing a local bill just for Wanaka, but I’d really like to fix this for the whole of New Zealand.