Rules Reduction meetings highlight frustrations

Waitaki news
Thursday, March 26, 2015

Examples of loopy and frustrating bureaucracy have come up time and again during the Government's Rules Reduction Taskforce meetings presently being held throughout the country.

Jacqui Dean, MP for Waitaki and Taskforce chair says since the meetings started in early March a steady number of concerns relating to the Resource Management Act's  property and building rules had been highlighted.

"We've heard submissions on the experiences of landlords, property and business owners and from the building trades. In the eyes of presenters some rules almost defy logic while others appear to be little more than finance gathering. All prove frustrating. The meetings have discussed how we can change the rules, improve building rulings and improve rules and regulations around waste management and water and power," Mrs Dean said.

"Examples include a couple seeking an extension to their house who approached their council four times, receiving a different answer each time. On top of this permit costs were almost a third of their total building cost.

"In another a couple were required to submit two building consent application documents to go to two departments for two separate approvals, all within the same council and at double the cost. Even if lodged online that particular council required the documents be submitted twice."

Mrs Dean said examples of other baffling rules involved water connection requirements and planning rules in conflict with New Zealand standards as well as other district planning rules.

Next round of localised hearings include Waimate St John at 1.30pm, April 15, Tekapo Community Centre Wednesday, April 22, at 11am and later that day at the Fairlie Resource Centre at 1pm.