Public Intolerance Over Unsafe Driving Grows

Waitaki news
Monday, January 26, 2015

Waitaki MP Jacqui Dean said while she did not condone the actions of a driver who removed the keys from another driver during a recent incident at the Lindis Pass, she felt it reflected a growing lack of tolerance for unsafe driving on this country’s roads.

“While I cannot condone the actions of the driver who removed the keys from another person, it does speak to me of a growing public awareness of road safety in this country.

“Road users now appear to be more conscious of behaviour on our busy highways and there seems to be a lack of tolerance for  those who chose to float the rules.

“This has been backed up by police reports of an increasing number of people using the *555 call line to report bad behaviour and dangerous driving to them.

“I see this as a positive trend, which not only helps police in their work, but also means that drivers are taking responsibility and not tolerating unsafe road use.

“We all want our roads to be safer and if the community continues to works together with police, this is what we will achieve.”