Rest Home Subsidy Increases will Benefit Otago

Waitaki news
Friday, October 24, 2014

Waitaki MP Jacqui Dean said this month’s increase in rest home subsidies was a positive injection of funding for older people in residential care around Otago.

“From the start of this month rest home bed subsidies increased by 5 per cent - this equates to an extra $7.5 million for aged care providers this financial year and $10 million extra for subsequent years.

“It’s important to ensure that this sector of the community is well funded and that family’s loved ones are able to access the best in care for their twilight years.

“As our ageing population grows, demand for aged care services will also grow so it’s important that the Government invests in these services.

“Rest homes around Otago do excellent work in providing the best in services for the older people in their care and I’m delighted that this extra funding is being made available to them.”