Adventure Activity Operators on Short Timeline

Waitaki news
Monday, October 6, 2014

Waitaki MP Jacqui Dean said Otago adventure activity operators needed to move quickly to gain registration by next month.

By November 1 every adventure activities operator, subject to the Health and Safety in Employment (Adventure and Activities) Regulations (2011), must be registered with WorkSafe NZ, she said.

“According to Worksafe NZ figures there are 340 notified operators required to be registered under the Adventure Activities Regulations, but up to the end of September just 75 were registered.

“Of the 265 operators yet to be registered, 187 were currently in audit, 56 have an audit contract, but have not submitted documents for audit and 22 do not have a contract in place.

“Those operators who have invested time and money into getting registered under the Adventure Activities Regulations should be congratulated.

“These new regulations will have a positive impact on their businesses as the adventure sector unites under a culture of safety, building the reputation of this sector in New Zealand and around the world.

“They are about ensuring the safety of adventure operators and the visitors who enjoy the experiences on offer. It’s about ensuring that visitors to this country can be confident that we care about their safety and want them to have a safe and exciting holiday in our region.

“I encourage operators to take positive steps towards registration by contacting a safety advisor or a recognised audit provider to begin the process.”