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The Ministry of Education’s move to enlarge the proposed enrolment zone boundary for Geraldine High School is a positive step forward, Waitaki MP Jacqui Dean says.

“During the submission process it became very clear that the community was not having a bar of where the proposed boundary line had been drawn and when Andrew Falloon and I delivered Frances Coles’ petition to Parliament we did so knowing the strength of feeling behind those signatures.

“Every person I spoke with had concerns about the proposal. It was unfair, impractical and had to be amended.

“The compromise to include Rangitata Island and the whole of Hinds up to the Hinds River makes more sense, however there are still concerns for parents in other areas that remain outside of the zone.

“I met with Frances Coles back in May and know how much energy she put into her petition, so it’s frustrating to hear that she personally is still in limbo.

“I commend the GHS Board of Trustees for their efforts so far on behalf of the school and wider community. This is a work in progress and I want the focus to stay on the local residents who just want the best for their family.”  

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