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Local is best, Small Business Minister and Waitaki MP Jacqui Dean reckons when it comes to decisions around Easter trading.

“I think the changes around the Shop Trading laws which allow councils to make a local decision which suits their community’s needs has worked very well this year.

“There’re some who have been complaining that the Government should have made a blanket ruling regarding Easter Sunday trading, while others are saying that Sunday opening isn’t enough.

“But I’d suggest that what we’ve got in place now, is streets ahead of what happened in the past and provides a good, workable solution to what has been a vexatious issue for over a decade.

“Allowing local people to make a local decision make sense when you contrast the needs of a tourist town, like Wanaka, with what might be needed in a quieter area.

“My biggest frustration this year would be that some councils, like those in the Waitaki and Dunedin, left their run too late and did not get their local policies through on time which penalised retailers in their areas.

“Let’s now look forward to 2018, when I believe even more councils, retailers and communities will get on board.”

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