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More bad news for maternity services in the Upper Clutha and Central Otago with independent midwives once again missing out on having their remuneration claim addressed in the Botched Budget, Waitaki MP Jacqui Dean says

“Midwives are the lynch-pin of rural maternity services and once again being snubbed by the Government over their remuneration claims, will only serve to further demoralise this crucial group and drive more of them away from their jobs and the community.

“When the poor financial support for midwives is coupled with the lack of maternity facilities and services in places like Wanaka and Central Otago, it’s easy to see why mothers and babies are concerned for their safety.   

“Attracting and retaining midwives in rural areas has been an on-going issue in this region, with remuneration, long hours, and a lack of support and facilities seeing many midwives leaving the profession in the Upper Clutha and Central Otago.

“What’s worse, this is the second year the Government has failed to deliver for midwives, and in doing so has effectively threatened the safety of mothers and babies right across this region.

“Addressing midwives remuneration in the Budget was one critical way this Government could have supported rural maternity services and the hundreds of families who rely on it.”

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